Re-Union of Dschinghis Khan:

Dschinghis Khan, Wofgang Heichel, Stefan Track
Wolfgang Heichel und Stefan Track

DSCHINGHIS KHAN turns over a new leaf

Two generations on one stage now


DSCHINGHIS KHAN a legend in pop history.

Nearly 40 years are over since Wolfgang Heichel, the Khan of Dschinghis Khan, won No. 4 together with his pop group DSCHINGHIS KHAN at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel in  1979 for Germany and awarded numerous golden records and international media prizes together with Dschinghis Khan.


Now DSCHINGHIS KHAN is turning over a new leaf of successful history.


The original DSCHINGHIS KHAN, founder member WOLFGANG HEICHEL, has found in STEFAN TRACK a dignified son. STEFAN TRACK was already a member of the legendary DSCHINGHIS KHAN REUNION SHOW 2005 in Moscow, replacing the deceased Louis Potgieter, and afterwards he celebrated worldwide success as the ROCKING SON OF DSCHINGHIS KHAN.


Two generations have been united. DSCHINGHIS KHAN in the sound of the eighties and ROCKING SON OF DSCHINGHIS KHAN in the sound of today – together they will be standing on stage – at shows of Retro Legends of the eighties and at current pop shows.


DSCHINGHIS KHAN, an audio-visual highlight with expressive choreographies and colourful costumes, will thrill the audience and will lead them into a world of fantasy and unforgettable moments.


Besides the performances DSCHINGHIS KHAN is working on a new album.

More information will follow soon.


With immediate effect WOLFGANG HEICHEL and STEFAN TRACK will be on stage together as DSCHINGHIS KHAN.

WOLFGANG HEICHEL and STEFAN TRACK are the only rightful owners of the trademark DSCHINGHIS KHAN.


WOLFGANG HEICHEL and STEFAN TRACK are holding the rights for:



         RUSSIA, UKRAINE, SPAIN and others.


The official registrations of the brand name DSCHINGHIS KHAN may be reviewed at the public register of the countries and the documents may be submitted by the owners.


We do point out that the trade mark has to be respected and all infringements against the trade mark DSCHINGHIS KHAN will be legally sanctioned.